About Us Blue Wave Markets is obsessed with one goal: building a Blue Wave across the United States.

Running for office is not easy. From knocking on doors and meeting voters to fundraising and crafting a winning message, candidates, campaigns, and outside groups have so much on their plate. We understand that you don’t have enough time in the day to add researching and vetting vendors, developing the right questions, and requesting dozens of proposals to get the best price possible to your responsibilities.

Together, we empower Democratic candidates by helping them find the best talent available, at the best price. By opening up the process to vendors across the United States, asking the right questions at the outset with our expertly crafted questionnaires, and making sure you receive bids from several providers for each Request for Proposal, we deliver you the most competitive pricing from the highest quality Democratic vendors in the country. All for free!

Competitive Bidding Process

Our process is modeled off of sourcing and procurement processes in the private market. We ensure buyers get the best information possible through expertly crafted Request for Proposal (RFP) questionnaires and allow any registered vendor to bid on them. Our proprietary process ensures that only vendors who are serious about providing high quality services will bid on the services—ensuring that the buyer is not inundated with a barrage of bad proposals and messages.

We believe this open and competitive process helps all parties.

  • Buyers receive the best prices from high quality vendors
  • Vendors have access to more clients and can perform effective business development
  • And Democrats across the country get more efficient, effective campaigns

High Quality Vendors

Our registered vendors are some of the top Democratic political service providers in the country. From fundraising consultants and strategy veterans to the best organizers to media creatives and research experts, and everything in between, we bring the Democrats’ best directly to you.

An Unbiased Marketplace

Our platform is an unbiased marketplace. We do not provide vendor recommendations to buyers. We do not sell ads to vendors. We stay neutral in the process. That way, all parties can trust the Blue Wave process.